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Our vision is zero

The following Downloads offer Parents and  clients additional information. "These are to be taken as a guide only" please contact your educator direct to discuss and clarify against your needs.


real reverse parrallel parking

Real reverse parrallel parking has for too long been a mystical thnks that was only able to be done by a few.
not any longer. its really easy just practice as you would any other process.
 download print and enjoy.

Download rse0031 real reverse parrallel parking.pdf

Going Solo

Monash University Accident Research Centre

Download Going_Solo.pdf

In-car Log book record

right mouse click, and open in new window, then print. enable double sided printing as this is formatted for 2 sided printing. *this document is provided for recording only and not to be presented to Vic roads. transfer all data to official log book. date entry can be out of order

Download in car log book sheet.pdf

Drive test Criteria

Driving test Criteria

Download Drive%20Test%20Criteria.pdf

Centre of Road Use

With Vic Roads now accepting this new process, it is important that all parties in the learner's team are aware of the process. \ note! this is a high risk process and needs to be trained before first attempt.*6 on the CPA scale new pdf coming soon

new road rules explaned

use this to test your road law knowledge is up to date. all the family should read this.

Download new road rules fdrm.pdf

reverse parallel parking test only

Use these criteria to check you meet the standard Vic roads require for test parking.¹
You are correct it is not real reverse parking into one bay. This is the requirement set out for the current drive test.

  • Look out rear window before reversing (look in direction of travel not just in mirror)   
  • Use 4 or less directions     
  • Stop in gutter/ within 300mm of curb        
  • Be 1 to 2 metres from vehicle in front    
  • Be parallel to curb                                     
  • Use no more than 7 metres (2 bays)     
  • Make car safe and say finished ( park brake and Neutral/park gear) 
  • Complete park in less than 2 minutes
Before leaving park bay
  • Look out rear window before reversing (look in direction of travel indicate for min 5seconds before pulling away from curb)    
  • Last look should be a blind spot check
  • indicate for 5 seconds
*Different to lane change blind spot. its also looking for vehicles and pedestrians over the road, driveways, streets.

¹This data is supplied as guide only and you should check with vic roads for calibration. we take no responsibility for results.

Download reverse parallel parking as per gls drive test.pdf

rsea0211 research stop signs and adults

Road safety educators Australia commenced researching drivers actions and behaviours in 2007 . we release data to market

annually. This data release RSEA0211 relates to financial year 2014-2015 and represents adult drivers 26 to 65 only.

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/9TQ05tXhkts" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>