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Our vision is zero

Every learner is entitled to a free session1. the federal government have provided funding for this road safety initiative

roadsmart training 2018
“5 Star Driver Education Programs"
please email; your local accredited driving instructor/ educator
 Manual driving lessons in geelong, torquay and surfcoast info@idrivesafety
Auto driving lessons in geelong, torquay and surfcoast info@idrivesafety 
"Life Changing Education"
If you want your child/sibling to drive crash free and avoid other drivers faults, read on
It is imperative that you do not use instructional methods for the entire journey, start the process with passing on knowledge,but do not keep telling!
use research proven methodologies. #drivesafety
  • The earlier you start coaching, the safer your sibling will be
  • use our Driver training curriculum as your reference and learning journal.
  • Australians most advanced and effective curriculum (797 competency based units) every situation, every where, every day 
  • we will provide you with unlimited support
  • its really enjoyable when you know what to ask
  • Ask questions, don’t just tell them the answer, lead them to it
  • we provide you and your learner with real road law help
  • how to really park a car. and its easy. "yup really"
  • this is Australia’s most  comprehensive driver training package
  • we will help you to pass on your extensive knowledge. 
  • Think of your self as a tradie teaching an apprentise
  • Active partispant managing the risks at every situation

EMAIL US @ info@idrivesafety

1- keys2drive.com.au

*eu coaching project, Hermes Project (2007-2010)

*eu coaching project, Hermes Project (2007-2010)


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