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Vic Roads Log Book

Our vision is zero

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Parent’s biggest issue. Happy to do 120 hours and record it But, why so pedantic about how I fill in the Log Book.
Yes; Vic roads are rejecting log Books
WELL; it’s a legal document and therefore conditions must be met. So we have to accept it and move on, after all it is a great method of recording what we
have done. Read the front 5 pages it actually answers all the questions.
download the in car log book form Click Here   and use it in the cars and then transfer data inside. Better than rewriting whole book?

Some common questions and answers
1. Can I use dittos in my log book “ “ “ “
a. No. you will need to record rego, signature, licence number etc in full on every line
2. Supervising Drivers
a. The date I use here must be the same date as the first date I record in log book
b. The first time I sign the log book, the date of this session must be the same as the date in the supervising drivers page.
c. The signature I use here must be the same (match) the signature I use in log book entries. (Common mistake is to use full
signature in front and initial in entries)
3. Declaration of completion. 1
a. The signature use here must be the same (match) the signature I use in log book entries.
b. The signature I use does not have to be same as my licence.
c. Lots of mums use. Mum. Dads use Dad so long as the Signature matches the one used on Declaration of completion page
and the supervising driver page.
4. Recording Entries in order.
a. You are permitted to have entries out of order. (dates can jump (ie) 1/7/2007 next line 23/10/2006- which is a rewrite or
late record from another source)
b. You are allowed to rewrite entries out of order.
c. Your log book must be neat and tidy and easy to read.
d. The total hours is not effected as you do not add the hours twice.
5. Mistakes.what if i make a mistake in my log book?
a. If you make any mistake draw a line through entire line. Rewrite entire line
b. If your pen goes wonky, draw a line through entire line. do not go over entry. Rewrite entire line.
c. If you record an incorrect number. draw a line through entire line, Rewrite entire line
d. Make a mistake with date or time. Draw a line through entire line, Rewrite entire line
6. Night time hours, how do i record nigh hours in my log book
a. Record night time hours in total hour as well. Yes it’s a dual entry.
b. (ie)You may drive 1 hour- 30mins of it was at night, Then record 1 hour in driving time running total and then record
30mins in night drive time running total. Yes it is a dual entry.
c. (ie) You drive 15mins at night. Record it in both columns. Total and Night.
7. Declaration of Completion. 2
a. The date you record here should be the date you take the log book to Vic Roads for Checking.
b. Normally this would be the date of your Drive test.
c. If using an Occupational Therapist, before Test present log book for verification at your nearest testing station.
d. Do not fill in this until you are ready to present it.
8. Total Driving Time – This Page.
a. Which is at bottom of each page.
b. This in the ongoing/running total not a total of just this page.
c. The time recorded here must be the same as the number on the top of the next page.
9. Conditions may be wet and dry. We live in Victoria after all.
10. The guide for learners is really helpful for what to learn at different stages in the learning process. Worth a read for parents.
11. Do not remove any page. if pages are removed your log book may be rejected

If you use the In-car Log book record it will allow you to keep the log book in a neat and tidy manner which is very difficult when in the car. Transfer to log book when full.
keep the original in study for safety. There are 16 entries on form and all the data matches in order, the log book. Parents are providing great feed back on the benefits of the
in car form.

We trust this helps.
Greater Geelong and Surfcoast Driving School. Craig Waters; 0411 110 112