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Defensive Driving

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Defensive Driving Course Geelong

All defensive driving courses are research driven, development and tested Globally by Road Safety Educators Australia. expect safety

Click on link for defensive driving courses  Car, Bus, Community vans

  • Geelong driving lessons are pleased to be accredited by @idrivesafety as the defensive driving course provider for geelong, torquay, lara, surf coast, zones.
  • With the incredible popularity and effectiveness of #idrivesafety defensive driving courses we are pleased to offer all courses throughout Victoria ,other Australian states and overseas countries as requested.

  1. Learner driver defensive driving course (live and dynamic)
  2. P Plate/ new drivers  Defensive driving courses.
  3. Adult defensive driving courses
  4. Fleet defensive driving courses
  5. Corporate Defensive Driving Courses
    1. Team Approach Client, Driver and Trainer
  6. Pre-Employment Assessment
  7. Overseas Employee Transfer
  8. Bus driver training and assessment
Australian Accredited defensive driver trainer and assessor.  TAA41207. TAA40104. 21370VIC, TLI107C, TLIC107C
  • Defensive driving course conducted in Geelong, torquay, surfcoast ballarine peninsula, Lara,  
  • Specialist Defensive Driving Courses, designed utilizing world leading  training systems run by Autralia's leading road safety educators.
  • Our defensive driving courses were developed following 7 years Global research into causality, Behavioural sciences, risk analysis, Safe processes and turing thought int an action. 

our research showed most adults:
  1. do not know what are the most common car crashes
    1.  or how I avoid them.
  2. do not know how to tell their teens  the full process they do at roundabouts.
  3. forget to train green light does not mean safe light
  4. reading traffic is actually easy and will assist is crash reduction
  5. Grew up with a little traffic flow now its seriously busy
  6. My children ask me questions and i have no idea how to tell them even though i do it.
  7. new road laws! what new road laws?

Speed, cross roads, rear end- nose to tail, distraction, the newly emerging fatigue and Mobile phone Texting

Current research data does not support off road defensive driver training
All our training is conducted on road, in live and dynamic environments.

All our training is one on one
base course:
Cost. $270.00
“learn’t is not learned until it produces an action"
Vision zero

what they say!. " i have done heaps of these courses in racetracks and car parks, they were lots of fun, "this was hard, made me think, it was real an actual process that i can use, all the time.
clients are experiencing ZERO 

If you would like to discuss specific requirements please contact idrivesafety via email.

email; info@idrivesafety.com.au

* offer not available to account customers
we do not advertise client lists. all client data is kept confidential