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craig waters our founder has been selected as a key stake holder in the developement of the roadsmart coaching system. #idrivesafety @idrivesafety

Gates Foundation

CRAIG WATERS our founder has been asked to partner with gates foundation and provide the idrivesafety 5 star driver education program to countries with high death rates resulting from driving.


Road Safety Educators Australia  has been appointed as an official stakeholder with the victorian government road safety strategy task force.

The Andrews Labour Government of Victoria has committed 147 million to increase road safety initiatives.
we are looking forward to presenting education as the paradigm change in road safety and will be actively steering the current system away from its high risk instruction, test and calibration. 


It is with regret that we announce Mr Paul Delaney has decided to cease training with Road Safety Educators Australia and not complete the qualification or training program. 

Paul will return to being a driving instructor. We wish Paul all the best as a driving instructor

Craig Waters

March 2015

Welcome to Road Safety Educators Australia’s newest driving educator.
Michael Bennett will train in a Manual covering the Geelong, Surfcoast and Bellarine peninsula zones.
Michael brings a wealth of people skills and service industry experience, he will fill a void in torquay for real driver training.
Michaels clients will have access to Australia's most advanced and effective novice driver training program.

Feb 2015

  1. Big news. Road Safety Educators Australia have been approved as a service provider for driver training with the  National Disability Insurance scheme NDIS. this will have far reaching impact on NDIS clients.
  2. Paul Delaney has commenced educating clients and is already driving safety. clients are already aware of the gap between instructors and educators. Congrats paul
  3. Road Safety Educators Australia are able to increase the Return On Investment (ROI) they receive by 600% more than a driving instructor.


2014 Drive Safety Awards Night
2014 annual Awards.
Road Safety Educators Australia 2014 Educator or the year award.

This prestigious award is earned, and only after significant effort, passion, determination, empathy and a desire to change the paradigm in each clients desire to drive safety.
We at Road Safety Educators Australia have expectations that significantly reduce the current road safety bench marks, our aim is Vision Zero.
It is unacceptable to be injured whilst using the road network.

The Educator of the year award is this year presented to an educator that has taken on board the significantly higher degree of training required to be a driving instructor at Road Safety Educators Australia and successfully adapted the training into a working live methodology that adapts to each clients learning style and then through motivation takes the client on a journey to drive safety.

Confucius "learnt is not learned until it produces an action"

please join us in congratulating

2014 Road Safety Educator of the year.award has been recalled as the criteria was not met. we awarded this  in good faith and at all times  acted with honesty. our apologies to clients and all other educators.


2014 Drive Safety Awards Night
2014 annual Awards. Road Safety Educators Australia 2014 Excellence award is our highest award,
The receiver must demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of educational methodology options, adapt to clients learning style and measure success against the Driver Training Curriculum outcomes, then they must meet KPI standards for crash/injury rates post licence that are set significantly lower than any other current benchmark in Australia. Our aim is "Vision Zero"

The 2014 Road Safety Educators Excellence award was presented to :
Mr Charles Frisch
Please join me in congratulating Charles Frisch.

Nov 2014

  • Just signed up Diving Instructor/trainer 20 for Victoria
  • Current accredited educators are receiving significantly higher returns
  • Current accredited educators are getting positive feedback and recording crash data for release
  • Current accredited educators are receiving higher than average lessons per client
  • Finalized School training program and released to market
  • Have had high ranking road safety persons view our training delivery model and all feedback has been very positive.


I am continually shocked  by parents and learners who ring after failing the GLS victorian drivers test for a second or 3rd time and  after undertaking a coaching session, realize they have driven by listening and obeying to there old style instructor and can not actually drive solo.
parents are amazed that they drive so differently, when not being told what to do?
i am also really impressed when both change the dynamics and see the complete change in ability to analyze. Real Driving


  1. Vic Roads have allowed cross road law change to enter test criteria (see downloads tab)
  2. Parents need to take a serious approach to there children and driving. it kills and seriously injures p plates at a major rate.
  3. Start your professional training early


Vic roads, Geelong office, have made some very important changes to the drive test

  1. Instructions will only be given once.
    1. you may ask them to confirm or repeat instructions
  2. Road works will be highlighted verbally
first is a no Brainer.  no one gets info repeated unless you ask.

second seems to contradict road safety , will not happen in real life. Waiting for Vic Roads to state justifications. 


Craig has received a study grant from QUT. woo hoo.
He will be taking time off to increase his study schedule. returning 10th october. Andrew will take on all his work load until Craig's return.
Thank you for your encouragement and support


Australian College of Road Safety
Annual Conference Melbourne Sept 2011
Great research and a lot of people putting in a massive amount of work to stop road user personal injuries.
see web site www.acrs.org.au


  • Craig Waters has achieved Gold status for delivery of Keys2drive
  • 251 tests for 5 unsuccessful . not a bad result
  • defensive driving course has been really well received and showing great results

august 2012

Craig Waters attended the ICTTP conference in Groningen, the Netherlands.

  • the aim
  1. To ensure the coaching methodology being trained was on target and world leading
  2. To source new ideas driven by the latest research    
  3. Discuss with leading road safety advocates the research currently available on coaching models and benefits
  4. To ensure that the training program currently used in Australia by master driver trainers Victoria was successfully bridging the gap between theory and practice

The 5th International Conference on Traffic and Transport Psychology took place in Groningen, The Netherlands, on August 29-31, in 2012. There were three keynote presentations, and individual papers were presented in thematic parallel sessions and poster sessions. The conference took place at the University Medical Hospital premises (UMCG).

Thank you to all our delegates for making ICTTP 2012 a wonderful and successful conference. We hope to see you all at ICTTP 2016 in Brisbane!

the conference had leading researchers from around the world with an aim to bridge the gap between theory and practice. Craigs aim was  met.

 aim : to see if uk training styles were moving into a coaching model as stated by UK trainers
  • sat in on 3 training sessions with 3 trainers with learners at varying levels
    • result was a very instructional based training system based around passing test.
New York
Aim: to see if USA training was engaged in the coaching model
  • attempted to sit in on 3 training sessions
    • unable to do this , i was advised that insurance did not cover additional passenger.
    • purchased a lesson for myself
    • result was the trainers in new york want to be best practice but are constantly prevented by government laws, insurance red tape and local law makers.


Media release:
Master driver trainers "Novice driver curriculum"
Craig Waters launched the Master driver trainers "Novice driver curriculum" in victoria. submitting to the Victorian State Government and the driver training market both here in Australia and overseas.
All accredited  master driver trainers will be following the comprehensive Master driver trainers  "Novice driver curriculum" this curriculum is now the most comprehensive novice driver curriculum available in Australia.
7 years of comprehensive research, trialing and monitoring for 6 months post license  has culminated in the final document release.
Craig Waters traveled to Netherlands attending the International Conference on Traffic and Transport Psychology (ICTTP) . during this trip Craig was able to view and conduct driver training in Amsterdam, London, New york, New Zealand, NSW, SA, QLD and 1400 learners in Victoria. add Defensive driving in live and dynamic environs for fleet and new drivers to bus training and re training driving instructors to driver trainers using coaching methodology, then add university study (CARRS-Q) and major researching of journals and papers world wide the end result is robust and showing extremely safe outcomes.

  • Special thanks:
Mr Michael Waters* without your support, knowledge and assistance this would not be available.
Mrs Catherine Leigh-Smith (psychologist)
Mrs Kathy Evans
The Master driver trainers (Victoria)

  • Research papers and referencing
Hermes report. http://ec.europa.eu/transport/road_safety/pdf/projects/hermes_final_report_en.pdf
Dr Ron Christie; http://www.education.vic.gov.au/Documents/school/teachers/health/effectdriver.pdf
Australian college of road safety
all the clients that followed up the results for publishing

July 2013

Results for year to date end of July 2013

 vision zero achieved for all clients who undertook the rating 1 package. cannot get any better than no injuries.
congratulations to all new drivers for the effort required.

From all the Master driver trainers

August 2013

Parents and supervising drivers.

We now offer fully supported training that will ensure we assist you in the journey ahead.

Our support is to ensure you are aware of all the law changes, NEW training methods used to get your novice driver on the road safely. what to train and how to train it.
it is a shared journey we all take.
the end  is always Vision Zero

Oct 2013

  • The Master Driver trainers have successfully  trained the newest trainer. Welcome aboard Silvia Koprek.
  • Master driver trainers name utilized interstate served with legal cease and desist.
  • Started talks wit state government on education model
  • Long term Racv instructor started training as a master driver trainer

nov 2013

Latest Master driver trainer has commenced training in abbotsford, moonie ponds, carlton, sunshine, broadmeadows zones
Welcome Silvia Koprek, accredited Master Driver Trainer. to book contact Silvia at silvia.koprek@masterdrivertrainers.com

"What I hear I forget, what I see I remember, what I do I understand." That is, the Chinese sentence above literally translates to "Not hearing is not as good as hearing, hearing is not as good as seeing, seeing is not as good as mentally knowing, mentally knowing is not as good as acting; true learning continues up to the point that action comes forth (or, only when a thing produces action can it be said to have been truly learned)."
Confucius should have been a Master Driver Trainer !

November training of Master Driver Trainers was an awesome experience. providing the education process for novice drivers to learn and instigate safe actions even under pressure and distractions is why we do it. Vision zero and stayin alive


nov 2017

launch of Australia's first and only driving school with  driving coaches delivering

#idrivesafety.com.au driving school

  1.  5 star driver education programs
  2. graduated education system
  3. guaranteed to significantly 
changing the driver education industry.

mr Paul Delaney

welcome back to full training Paul. Paul ha decided that the training is worth completing and has resumed his training.nov 2917 paul has gained level 2 accreditation NDIS accredited Senior accredited

MR Charles Frisch

Mr Charles Frisch and safe driving australia have lost their accreditation as at nov 1 2017. all training programs and delivery systems have been returned and Charles is now returned to being a local driving instructor. all clients will be serviced by accredited driving coaches