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Influencing Safe Driving Behaviour

5 Star Driver Education programs #Idrivesafety

 The drive test is easy when you can:

  1. your position on road is safe and legal
  2. Drive under the limit-5 is ok
  3. Manage other road users safety and legally
the drive test? you know the questions, the answers and practice it for 120 hours on real roads! with help from experienced drivers.

  • Real Driver training is now available. Accredited by #idrivesafety. 5 star driver education programs delivered in a graduated eduction system. guaranteed to significanlty reduce crash risks in teenage drivers
  • parents spend vast amounts of money on schooling, musical and sports equipment. research shows parents pass on 7% of their knowledge. what are you really thinking about and how can you pass that on to your children whilst they are driving?. we do not expect parents to teach any other subject and it is the life we are dealing with?
  • Is passing the Vic roads p plate test a ticket to crash free driving, not according to current p plate crash statistics. the test is aimed low. 
  • 99% of learners that come to us aware of about 7% of the  risks, when education is applied and risk identified and managed is  why teens can drivesafety. avoid crash risks by managing other road users. Idrivesafety can educate you no matter what learning style you have. anxiety-risk taker. engineer-artist. Aspergers-Autism. 
  • Parents tend to focus on the  issue’s in front. (sometimes screaming to break, break, break even before leaving the drive way:-)) stop telling them for the entire journey and start coaching. let them make decisions. pass on your observations in a conversational manner not as a teller. yr knowledge can not be brought so pass on what your seeing.
  • Crossing your hands is acceptable. old English push pull is no longer the only method accepted any in many situations not acceptable. module 4
  • Roundabouts are a very complex process to understand. training for this is a targeted, repetitive process after knowledge is confirmed. module26,27 and 28
  • Reverse Parallel parking is easy when you learn it correctly. start reversing at the beginning and repeat. module9,10
  • What do you do when an animal runs in front of you? Many deaths are attributed to this. Learn and practice how to avoid it. module 44
  • Does the colour of your car make it more crash prone.....YES 
  • What simple driving process manages rear end crashes. 30% of all crashes module 39
  • Gap selection CAN and MUST be trained and understood at an early stage in driver training and must be repeated over the 120 hours. module 15,16,17 and 18
  • The blind spot, where is it? why is it so misunderstood and not used. we recommend use of blind spot mirror once trained to use.module 21 and 22
  • You will not hear an emergency vehicle, because of in car music/distractions. You do then, need to see it! module 23 and 24
  • Road laws. research shows majority of drivers were not trained in road law effectively, we have a very simple yet effective program that shows real results.  module 4 and rsea doc 0022
    • we have elearning and paper based training systems that bridge the gap.