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Welcome to the Road Safety Educators Australia -Novice Driver Education™. Your decision to engage our road safety education program has allowed you and the novice driver access to Australia’s most advanced and effective Driver Training and Education syllabus.


The greatest issue we encounter is novice drivers who believe they are good drivers, but, the evaluation method they use is- they have driven for 100 hours and  have they have been told what to do all the time, so in effect they are good listeners and that makes them a high risk solo driver. please sit in with an educator (not a driving instructor who will instruct the same way you learnt) on a lesson early and change the paradigm to lowest risk, we will help you with a method that is easy to do and taps into your significant wealth of knowledge which needs to passed on.


Every driver can achieve injury free driving, the journey and delivery will change to suit YOUR  learning style and history, but! The outcome will remain the same. Vision Zero.

Platinum package:

Road Safety Educators, Australia
“Life Changing Education
The most Significant Change To Drive Education In 50 Years.
Platinum Package Novice Driver

           Platinum Club -Rating 1. Life Changing Education”

Premium Package. Australias most advanced and effective driver training program

  •    30 X 1 hour training sessions[1]. Can be delivered over any time frame
  • Australia’s most effective driver training curriculumÓ the entire program will be delivered (797 units)
  • Driver Ed – year 10 to 12 program
  • 1 hour per month for 24 months (2years) or as age allows
  • 5 hour initial get them ready with parents/supervisors
  • Licence and test time charged independently at 2 hours.
  • e-learning support for Novice drivers -monthly
  •  e-learning support for parents/supervising drivers
  • Ongoing support and training for parents/supervisors
  • This package provides a solution for parents, Australia’s most effective drivers Ed program with all past clients recording zero crash injuries after licensing
  •  See web site for detailed structure
  • Defensive driving included no additional cost (value $263.00) charged as 1 hour[3] module 19
  • Driving in Melbourne trams, hook turn course (value $260.00) charged as 1 hour[4]
  • Country road drive (night) module 33+39. Significantly reducing the major risk with country roads.
  • Parent/Supervising driver involvement is necessary.
  • Every road user interaction is trained and managed with a safe process, predict & avoid human errors.
  • All training is conducted in live and dynamic environments
  • No last minute cost blowout before test. Pay as you go
  • The safest outcome is achieved with this package. All Past clients have achieved vision zero

[1] this is a minimum and changes to meet clients needs and circumstances

[2] All platinum clients have remained crash/injury free in the first 6 months of driving, not just within Australia, but  globally, this has shown to be the most dangerous time for new drivers.

[3] Our abs course has shown remarkable crash reductions in all participants, live nd dynamic

[4] We do a comprehensive drive around Melbourne; hook turns, trams and the additional risks in this environment. The brain needs to manage at a higher level.

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Gold package:

Road Safety Educators, Australia
"Drive Safety"

Gold Package Novice Drivers

Gold Club -Rating 2. Life Changing Education”

Package includes:

minimum 12 X 1 hour training sessions.

Unlimited backup and support

  •  e-learning support
  • ABS training
  • Test with lesson before is charged independently at 2 hours
  • Defensive driving techniques
  • Comprehensive Novice driver curriculum©2016
  • Supervising driver involvement is necessary.
  • Knowledge and foundations will be trained in each session
  • Modules 4+5+6+7+9+10+11+12+19+21+22+23+26+27+15+16+17+39
  • Detailed processes to be practiced and automated during each training session,
  • Back up and support at no additional cost
  • All training is conducted in live and dynamic environs
  • Easy monthly payment less burden on family budget
  •  The GOLD club is preferred by parents who find us late in the training process.

All other driver education is based on client’s needs & requirements 

  • We offer real life changing education that is unparalleled in Australia. Choose Education not instruction
  • All driver education is delivered using our world leading training delivery system and programs
  • Australia’s most significantly advanced and effective driver training curriculum©2015
  • Safe driving can be simplified into 3 areas. 1/is our por safe and legal, is your speed safe and legal, is every other road user safe and legal
  • Knowledge and foundations will be trained in each session
  • Modules, 39+21+23+26+16[1] are the staple to safe driving
  • All training is conducted in live and dynamic environs
  • You don’t have to enjoy driving to be safe, fact- not everyone enjoys the process, many personality styles may never enjoy the process, But we all enjoy the proceeds! #drivesafety2

Road Safety Educator’s Australia has bridged the gap between theory and practice developing effective road safety education programs. We educate Novice Adult, Aged, Rehabilitation, Defensive and Fleet drivers using coaching as the delivery methodology, tailored to the clients learning style, matching environments to needs and referencing Australia’s most advanced and effective Driver Training Curriculum© as the syllabus (797 units, competency based) Everyone can drive safety, not everyone will relish the process, but we all, enjoy the proceeds. Freedom? It’s worth the effort! @drivesafety2. We do not support instructional training as research has shown it to produce an increased risk in crashes[2].

We do not support test route driving instruction to pass a test that has proven to license drivers with high crash risks.

Our training produces drivers that not only expect to drive injury free, but!  Actually will drive injury free.

Pg. 6

Novice, Adult, Fleet, Aged, Rehabilitation, Disabled (hand controls, left foot accelerator, RB system, Steering aids)

[1] The total delivery will be based on the  hours allocated.

[2] Dr Ron Christie 2011 

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